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Katie's Journal

give me a Leonard Cohen afterworld so I can sigh eternally

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I am a graduate from Clark University where I recieved a Bachelor of Arts in Screen Studies. I plan on going to grad school for Library and Information Sciences. I have been obsessed with film all my life. Film from the silent period up until now and film from around the world. To begin to name my favorite films would be nearly impossible because I have so many. I have a film blog where I post my thoughts on the films I see plus fun lists from time to time at cinemaenthusiast.com. I also watch a lot of TV shows and have a blog where I post episode reviews www.orble.com/thoughts-from-a-tv-watcher. I read a lot as well. Not just novels but graphic novels and manga.

This journal is less about my life and more about discussing the films, tv, books and music I consume as well as commenting on pop culture news. So if you share any of the same interests I would love if you added me! : )
24, 90's nickelodeon, aaron paul, alfred hitchcock, ann dvorak, arrested development, art, azumanga daioh!, baroque pop, batman: the animated series, battlestar galactica, bob dylan, bong joon-ho, books, breaking bad, brian eno, bringing up baby, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, cat stevens, cate blanchett, charlie chaplin, chinese food, cibo matto, cillian murphy, classic cinema, classic film, coffee, comics, coupling, criterion collection, curb your enthusiasm, david bowie, david cronenberg, david lynch, deerhoof, dexter, disney movies, doctor who, dollhouse, echo and the bunnymen, ellen page, fantasia, film, film studies, fingersmith, firefly, fleet foxes, foreign film, forever changes, freaks and geeks, french film, fruits basket, german film, graphic novels, harry potter, hausu, hayao miyazaki, home movies, i love lucy, in treatment, ingmar bergman, international cinema, james cagney, james dean, james stewart, japanese film, joanna newsom, john cale, joseph gordon-levitt, kate winslet, katherine hepburn, kazuo ishiguro, kermit the frog, korean film, leonard cohen, lists, literature, little women, lost, louise brooks, love (band), mad men, manga, marlene dietrich, maysles brothers, michael c. hall, mike leigh, monster, monty python, movie nights, movies, mulholland drive, muppets, my so called life, naps, neil gaiman, neil young, neutral milk hotel, never let me go, neverwhere, new-wave, nick cave, nico, nine stories, noah baumbach, novels, oscar wilde, oz, patti smith, paul thomas anderson, peter lorre, philip seymour hoffman, picture of dorian gray, pixar, post-punk, pre-code, preacher, radiohead, reading, sally hawkins, salute your shorts, sarah waters, seinfeld, serge gainsbourg, shakespeare, singin in the rain, six feet under, song kang-ho, stanley kubrick, studio ghibli, supernatural, talking heads, tcm, television, the 10th kingdom, the buzzcocks, the golden girls, the smiths, there will be blood, true blood, turner classic movies, tv, twin peaks, veronica mars, vintage, violent femmes, wes anderson