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FIrst off; Daniel Craig has officially been cast as Blomkvist in David Fincher's upcoming adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. As much as I am skeptical about an American remake of a Swedish film there are other elements at work which make it something I am looking forward to/approve of.
1. The book's are a worldwide phenomenon and thus it is not so much a remake of the Swedish film as it is an adaptation of the book.
2. David Fincher is a great director. Did I think Curious Case of Benjamin Button was great? No. But it wasn't bad and everything he does is very interesting.
3. Daniel Craig would actually make a good Blomkvist.
4. The Swedish film version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was certainly good but not great.

There is 2 points to be made though which negates all four of these reasons:
1. Not having it take place in Sweden is going to feel very off and will destroy a huge part of the atmosphere that comes with the book and film.
2. No matter who they cast as Lisbeth Salander is not going to be as good as Noomi Rapace. She walked away with that film easily giving THE portrayal of Lisbeth. Anyone else is just not going to be as good.

On to True Blood. This was, for me anyways, the best episode of the season thus far. The shit hit the fan big time.

I love that Tara is finally allowed to get some strength back. After the nightmare that was Eggs and now Franklin immediately making her his obsession, she hasn't had any time to actually be a decent character. Here, she gets a lot to do and the almonds scene was a particular favorite. Smashing Franklin's head in was completely sick in the best way possible. I loved Franklin though and have a small hope inside me that his head can be turned into jelly and yet still be alive. I never said it was a realistic hope. Eric spent a lot of the time making sure Sookie knew where he stands right now and solidifying his spot as Russell's new helper. He is turning on the charm full blast complete with..smiles? Eric is smiling? Bizarre yet beautiful. He also got to flirt with Talbot and Russell a bit. I love the suggestive vibes he is putting out. Bill got stuck with Lorena who...is just a mess. Seriously; she needs to just die. Their conversation though was easily the best stuff the two of them have had. I generally think Lorena and Bill were a missed opportunity but I actually liked their material here. Lafayette getting a little bit of action 3 seasons in is 3 seasons too late but still very welcome. I love seeing him like this. "Oh Lordy" as he would say. I am wondering how Jesus and he are going to continue because L's drug dealing seems like a deal breaker to him but he is obviously still going to be a part of the show. They need to be together. Sam continues to suck but at least we are making some head way with this family story. I like the revelation at the end but I checked out of that subplot like 4 episodes back and thus can only care so much. I love Jason and Crystal's ethereal theme music when they are together. Crystal though, is far too vague for me. I am already uninterested in her deal. Jason continues to be adorable but also is taking out his own lack of self worth on the younger version of him. I love when he said "You know the difference between you and me?" and then has nothing to say because there is none. Sophie-Anne returns and is not put in a good predicament. Her playing lottery was a perfect way to illustrate how she spends her time. Jessica is still being wasted. I really like her but they cannot figure out what to do with her or at least the books couldn't if we are following them closely. Sookie continues to be kind of a moron but I am happy she has found out about the file Bill kept on her and that we are delving slightly more into what she might be. Also; an amazing cliffhanger. Overall definitely in my top 3 episodes of the show so far and easily my favorite of the season. Keep it up.