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Initial Reactions: Mad Men 4.1

Wow. How I have missed this show. It is so nice to have back. This was an awesome episode packed with well done exposition and tons of juicy goodness. Initial reactions under the cut. Hopefully a full review will be up on my tv blog within a couple of days. Also, my review for The Kids Are All Right can be found at my blog www.cinemaenthusiast.com

- It looks like about a year has passed since the finale of last season which is longer than normal. I cannot wait to learn all the things that have changed in the coming weeks.
- Roger was in top form tonight getting at least 10 instantly quotable lines in.
- Seeing Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce was great and gave a fresh feeling to the show. It will take some getting used to!
- Anna Camp from True Blood was on tonight and was extremely distracting but in a good way. Both shows had her playing someone kind of dumb but very sweet. She does it well.
- It's not a Mad Men episode unless we remind everyone that Don is a whore. We saw that he still has some mild kink in him as he twists his proclivities around so that he is the one in submission. Nicely done character touch.
- I have missed Pete so much.
- My favorite parts of the episode featured Peggy. She has very clearly changed a lot in a year. Much more confident as a worker, can come up with ideas very quickly (even more so than before) and she can hold her own against Don. She's become kind of an awesome firecracker. "Marcia!"