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Book 24: The Thirteenth Tale - Diane Setterfield

Overall I enjoyed The Thirteenth Tale. I had some issues with it that are slightly difficult to pinpoint. A lot of the story had me enthralled and consistently kept me interested. However, in her overwhelming attempts to both be in the vein of Jane Eyre and communicate an intense love for books, she kept her characters at a distance I do not think she intended. A lot of the characters were potentially very interesting and she clearly wanted them to be fully rounded but ultimately came up short. The modern day story with Margaret was uninteresting outside of her conversations with Aurelius. A lot of the characters names even were just too much; Setterfield is determined to come up with potentially iconic names. For all of this though the book kept be intrigued throughout and I read through it quite quickly because of my interest level. A moderate success; I am glad I read it but it was not quite what I was hoping.

Also because it was far too long ago that I read these to write reviews:

75 Graphic Novel Challenge: 
26. Y: The Last Man Volume 1: 8/10
27. The Walking Dead Volume 1: 7.9/10